Solar Panels at Cave of the Mounds

Going Solar: Wisconsin Destination Embraces Sustainable Travel

July 2023

Written by Stalac-Tate

Going Solar

WI Destination Embraces Sustainable Travel

Cave of the Mounds, located west of Madison in Blue Mounds, Wisconsin, unveils new solar panels. After more than a year of planning, this dream has become a reality. The new installment will reduce Cave of the Mounds’ carbon footprint by more than 50%. Visitors will be able to see the impact of the solar panels on a display that will be installed later in the year.

“Sunshine is coming to light up the total darkness of Cave of the Mounds!” said Communications Manager, Tate Phillip.

She is enthusiastic about this latest addition to the travel destination.

Discovered in 1939, Cave of the Mounds was an untouched cavern. No human or animal had ever stepped foot in the cave before its discovery. Since that moment, Cave of the Mounds has stayed as natural as possible. In 1988, Cave of the Mounds got recognition for their hard work. The National Park Service designated Cave of the Mounds a National Natural Landmark in a public-private partnership.

Photo of our National Natural Landmark Plaque from 1988

Today, the cave is open to visitors all year long. In the summer, guests can cool off from the sweltering heat in the nice cool 50°F cave. In the winter, the cave is a great place to warm up from the frigid weather outside. The destination has added ways to connect with nature through hiking trails, gemstone mining, special programs, and more.


As a charter member of the Travel Green Wisconsin certification program, Cave of the Mounds is excited to have solar panels. The Travel Green Wisconsin program encourages businesses to adopt sustainable practices to reduce their environmental footprint. Sustainable travel is one way to make sure Cave of the Mounds’ natural beauty is preserved to be experienced again and again. 

Play Video about Solar Panels at Cave of the Mounds

“We have been open since 1940 but we are always looking for ways to grow, which is why I love working at Cave of the Mounds,” commented Tate Phillip, who has worked at this National Natural Landmark for over 5 years.

“While working here, we have worked with scientists on new discoveries, expanded our events world into an established venue, added a trails, and now solar panels.”

The solar panels were installed in June 2023. These solar panels are a reliable source of energy with long-term benefits. The main purpose of these solar panels will offset their Cave Entrance Building and Visitor Center electricity use. This achievement of installing solar panels will not only reduce their carbon footprint, it will also add to their stewardship of the planet and save money in the long run.