Birds to find at Cave of the Mounds

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We are proud to be listed in the 2009 Great Wisconsin Birding & Nature Trail Southern Savannah Region publication. Birds of all kinds can be found throughout the grounds, in the gardens, along the Interpretive Trails, and even around the edges of the buildings. Red Tail hawks can often be seen and heard soaring on thermals high above, while Northern Flickers and Red-Headed Woodpeckers enjoy the oak savanna. 

American Woodcocks were observed recently and our hope is that they are returning to the mixed deciduous forest along the Oak Valley Loop. Great Horned Owls have been heard and there was even one report of a possible Barn Owl sighting in 2008! Migratory flyovers are common in the spring and fall when Great Blue Herons, Tundra Swans, and Bald Eagles have all been spotted.

In the Oak Savanna Woodland, it is damp and cool. There are large trees that can be home to birds, squirrels, frogs, or other creatures. Birds make their homes in the tree trunks or nest on top of branches. Whereas bugs live in the trees like beetles, tree frogs, and slugs that can live under the bark of the trees. If you explore our trail through the Oak Valley, you can find evidence of animals using this space as a habitat, and it’s not just in the trees.

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