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Are you writing about Cave of the Mounds? Here are a variety of photos from our cave, a must-see place in Wisconsin.

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Play Video about Family observing formation speleothem in Cave of the Mounds a place to visit in wisconsin

Cave of the Mounds National Natural Landmark is a popular destination and a must see place for photographers because of the beautifully manicured grounds and gardens. Photography is allowed at no additional charge for personal, noncommercial use while visiting the property or touring Cave of the Mounds attraction. A permit is required for posed/formal and commercial photography for above ground use only. Private cave rental is available for those wishing to take posed or commercial photographs underground in the cave environment.  We do not authorize the sale of images of Cave of the Mounds for profit without expressed written consent from Cave of the Mounds, Inc. along with a photography permit.

For Photographers taking posed/formal photos (e.g., engagement, wedding, senior year, family)

DAILY one-time use above ground permit – $30.Photographers must have a permit for each individual photo session or shoot with each client. Mini shoots are considered multiple sessions and require an annual photography permit.

ANNUAL above ground photography permit – $300 per year. The annual permit allows multiple sessions with different clients in a day or on multiple occasions for one year starting from the permit purchase date.

Stock and commercial photography requires advance arrangements. Projects involving commercial or stock photography (such as photos taken for resale or for use in publications, catalog shoots, commercials, professional videos, and the like) should contact our Operations Manager at Cave of the Mounds to review commercial use policies and location agreements.

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