Educator Resources

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Whether you are planning a visit to Cave of the Mounds, or wanting more resources to enhance your experience after your visit, we have the resources for you!

Tips for a Great Visit!

Field Trip Guide

Make the most of your field trip and plan for what to expect at the cave. Review our field trip guide to better prepare your group for their visit.

Frequently Asked ?’s

Everyone has questions about their upcoming visit. Check out the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions to get a better idea of what to expect for your visit.

Visual Resources

Give your group an idea of what is to come during their visit. Look through our gallery to show your students images of what the cave is like. Don’t forget to show them the map of our cave.

Get the most out of your visit

Hike Our Trails

Grab our trail guide from our Visitor Center and hike our Oak Valley Loop trail, and marvel at the beautiful oaks in our Oak Savannah ecosystem.

Geologic Timeline

Want to learn more about the Earth’s History, grab our Geologic Timeline Booklet and head out on our trail as you explore step-by-step what life was like millions of years ago! Don’t forget to get your stamps along the way!

Picnic Area

Spend some time outside in our picnic area. Large open spaces for your students to run around and expend some energy. Relax and enjoy some outdoors time.

Program Perks

Classroom Activity Packets

Did you add on an educational program for your visit? Great! We have packets with fun activities to get your students ready for their visit, or to complete after their visit to review their knowledge!

Specimen ID Cards

Are you planning on sluicing when you come? Did your group sluice while they were here? Here are our new digital (eco-friendly) identification cards! Use them to help identify your collections in the classroom or at home!

Science Experiments & Resources

Want to do some science experiments in class? Or even at home? Check out our science experiments!

How did the limestone rock, the cave and the formations form? How was the cave discovered? Dig deeper and extend your learning with some simple science experiments for the classroom or at home.

Bonus Resources
Nature Net Photo

Nature Net

Cave of the Mounds is proud to announce that we are a member of Nature Net. Nature Net is a non-profit organization dedicated to breaking barriers that keep teachers and their students from experiencing top notch environmental and nature education programming.  Through their Nature Express program, you can apply for bus funding to help reduce the cost of your field trip. Check out their website to learn more and apply for this funding.

Decoding the Driftless Movie cover

Decoding the Driftless

Want to learn more about the Driftless Region of Wisconsin before you come to the cave? Want to build on your knowledge after your visit? Check out and learn more about this geologic wonder.