NEW Visitor Center

April 2024

Written by Stalac-Tate

Visitor Center Background

In 1978, the Cave of the Mounds built a limestone and wood restaurant/picnic shelter to help serve the growing visitation to this geologic wonder.  As time went on, the building was repurposed solely as a Visitor Center, and now, after nearly 50 years, we are proud to unveil the complete renovation of this beautiful building.  As was typical at the time, it had originally been built with little to no insulation.  So, this renovation added 14″ of insulation to the roof along with all-new HVAC to make it a very energy-efficient building up to the highest modern standards which makes it comfortable year-round.  While the original masonry columns, massive fireplace, and dramatic beams have been preserved, every other surface is new.  The renovated building has the original footprint, but the eaves space has been brought inside by moving the walls out, and the office and storage spaces have been relocated elsewhere.  So, the functional space is nearly double.  All the masonry, glass, and wood make a beautiful setting for an expanded Cave of the Mounds gift shop (it is a mystery of nature that caves are always found below gift shops!). Being open year-round, the space will host events during the slower tourism season.


Final Result

1978 Photos