HOLLOWeen at Cave of the Mounds

HOLLOWeen at Cave of the Mounds

September 2022

Written by Jenny

Autumn weather has arrived, cooler nights and dewy mornings are taking the place of those hot summer nights.  I love the autumn. Even though the nights are cooler the days are still warm. The insects become less bothersome and sunburns start to taper off. Many people celebrate the season with pumpkin spice, everything pumpkin spice. Here at Cave of the Mounds you can enjoy the colorful leaves, swaying grasses, fall flowers, pumpkins, decorations and a HOLLOW-een trick-or-treat experience inside the cave! During October all cave visitors are invited to participate in our HOLLOW-een sugar free trick-or-treat, with or without a costume, during October.

Every October cave guides are on the lookout for the youngsters, and young at heart, who come to the cave adorned in their Halloween costumes.  We have the chance to share the excitement of the holiday, and teach you a few fun facts about caves, rocks, crystals or fossils. For an additional $2.00 added to your tour ticket, you can take some of the fun home with you. 

Trick or Treat in the Cave of the Mounds

If you choose to trick-or-treat inside Cave of the Mounds simply let us know when you are purchasing your tour ticket.  Once you’ve paid for your ticket(s) and trick-or-treating package(s) you receive a reusable cloth bag to carry your treats.  Inside the cave, use your reusable bag to collect rocks and fossils from the guides along your tour. Along with your new treasures the guides are happy to share information about each item.  We’re also ready to share fun facts and highlights about the cave itself.

While we may not offer your favorite pumpkin spice treats, trick-or-treating in the cave is a sugar free rockin’ good time. Join us this year to experience cavities in our limestone, not in your teeth!