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Craft Time: Stalactite and Stalagmite Paint Drips

Stalactite and Stalagmite Paint Drips

Here’s an activity that families can do to dive deeper into the work of speleothems or cave formations. Inside a cave, formations that hang “tight” to the ceiling are called a “Stalactite”. The formations that “might” reach the ceiling are called a “Stalagmite”. Here at Cave of the Mounds, we have both types of formations. This craft is easy and very simple to do at home.

You will need: Stiff Paper (examples: cardstock, art paper, etc), Thick Paint or Colored Glue, Glitter (Optional), Stickers (Optional), Newspapers (Optional)

  1. Lay your piece of paper flat on some newspapers. (I use newspapers to easily clean up the craft at the end)
  2. Apply paint or glue to the long end top of the paper
  3. Tilt the paper to encourage the liquid to drip
  4. These drips will be the stalactites, so it’s okay if they’re a bit thin
  5. Once you have the desired look, set down the page back onto the newspaper
  6. OPTIONAL: Decorate glue or paint with glitter to represent all the tiny crystals that help form the solid structures
  7. Let the stalactites partially dry for several minutes before beginning on the stalagmites
  8. Repeat the process again with the paint or glue on the opposite long end of the paper. It is recommended that you should use a bit more solid drips on this side to represent the sturdy stalagmites
  9. Let the artwork dry
  10. Now you can draw, color, or use stickers to decorate your own personal cave!
Photo of our Beauty Rooms with beehive stalagmites and tons of color in our secret garden at this must-see place in Wisconsin​