Counselor and three kids posing covered in mud

Craft Time: Gem Suncatcher

Gem Suncatcher

This activity is just fun! You will make a suncatcher using glue and some translucent rocks!

You will need: Lids to Plastic Yogurt Containers (Flimsy is good), Glass Gemstones, Elmer’s Glue

  1. Fill the bottom of the lid with glue, not too full as you don’t want it to overflow. 
  2. Arrange gemstones of different colors in the lid. Make sure to leave room to put a string through it, whether it’s on top or on the sides
  3. Let the glue dry (may take a day). 
  4. Once the glue is dried, pop the sun-catcher out of the lid, put a string through it and hang it in a window!

What is a GEM?

Not all minerals are gems but all gems are minerals.

To be considered a gem, it must be beautiful, strong (as in the MOH’s hardness scale), and it has to be rare.

Photo of amethyst crystals