couple of kids smiling with craft in hand

Science Experiment: Sound Map

Sound Map

What is a sound map? A sound map is a piece of paper with an “x” in the middle. That “x” is you. Use this map to draw what is around you just by listening to your surroundings. Make a map of the sounds in nature you hear, like birds chirping or squirrels jumping on branches.

How do I make one? Find a comfortable spot. Close your eyes. Listen closely to all the sounds around you. Draw what you’ve heard on a Sound Map and where you think it’s coming from. Keep listening and drawing. Compare your map with your friends. Go exploring to see if you were right about the directions the sounds came from.

You will need: Pencils & Clipboards, Pieces of Paper

  1. Go to a Grassy Space
  2. Close eyes. Listen to nature. Draw what you hear. Investigate.