Nature Learning: Make a Fire-starter for Camping

Make a Fire-starter for Camping

Cave of the Mounds National Natural Landmark has many opportunities to experience nature! On the Blue Mounds hilltop where Ebeneezer Brigham first broke ground in 1828 and became the first white settler, is where Brigham County Park lies.

Brigham County Park is a great place to camp out. Donated by Mrs. Charles I. Brigham in 1953, this place has a historical connection to Cave of the Mounds. Cave of the Mounds shares the East Mound with Brigham County Park. The park provides a panoramic view of the Wisconsin River Valley. Park features include a group camp area, a 23 unit rustic campground, two shelter facilities, picnic area, play equipment, nature trail through a maple woods, and hiking trails that connect to Blue Mound State Park. The Brigham Trail, a 1.3 mile paved shared-use trail, also goes through the park and connects to the Military Ridge State Trail and Cave of the Mounds.

You will need: newspaper, twine/hemp, pine cones, dryer lint

  1. Place pine cones stuffed with dryer lint and wrapped in a piece of newspaper, and tie both ends with a twine like tootsie roll.

*Please be careful and have adult supervision when starting a fire.