Craft Time: Window Ornament

Window Ornament

Here at Cave of the Mounds, we have found many small pine cones, chestnuts, walnuts, and tree seeds in our Oak Valley this year. We seem to just keep collecting them! Our staff notices that kids like to collect them in their pockets because they are fascinated by items found in nature. Before you begin, go on a nature walk and explore the world. This is a neat craft for the whole family using these nature finds.

You will need: A large Styrofoam ball (6 cm to 12 cm), [Raffia, Twine, or Ribbon], Small pinecones, Gumball (spiky pods), nuts of any kind, Acorns, Seedpods, Hot glue gun, Gold spray paint (optional)

  1. Use a low temp glue gun or the lower temperature on a glue gun with multiple settings and glue a doubled section of ribbon (two ribbons stacked on top of each other), twine or raffia to the top of your ball for hanging.
  2. Now simply hot glue your nature finds very close together until the entire ball is covered. If you are more particular about how to arrange the items, either plan them out by tracing the items with a pencil on the Styrofoam ball or you could work your way through sizes starting with large to small items or vice versa.
  3. You could also spray with gold paint or leave natural. Hang in a window for a natural decoration!