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Craft Time: Leaf Mobile

Leaf Mobile

One of the most common items to find on a nature walk through our Oak Valley Loop here at Cave of the Mounds. Leaves are easy to use and abundant, especially in Fall. This craft is a recreation of the leaf since they do dry out fast and get crumbly which is not fun to clean up. Enjoy the rustic vibe this leaf mobile will give off. There are multiple options on how to build this mobile or make it a hanging display along your wall. It is up to you!

The Oak Valley Loop trail provides visitors with experiences in savanna woodland forested habitat where birds and small mammals abound. In fact, this piece of land was purchased in cooperation with the Groundswell Conservancy and remains protected as a conservation easement.

You will need: 5 Leaves (similar size), White Foam Sheets, Sponge Paint (yellow, orange, red), Sponge Paint Brush (Foam Round Preferred), Two Sticks (5-6 inches long), Glue (Hot GLue or Wood Glue), Raffia, Ribbon, or Twine, Hole Punch

  1. Start by tracing outlines of five leaves onto white foam sheets (Foam sheets are bought like poster board and can be found in craft supply stores). Cut out the shapes, and punch a hole in each cutout.
  2. You can now sponge paint your leaves! Dab your sponge lightly into the paint and then onto your leave shape and press the sponge all over both sides.
  3. While these are drying you can make the mobile. Glue two sticks together so they are crossed at the center.
  4. Punch a hole in each of the foam leaves. Tie raffia ribbon or twine though the hole of each leaf through your hole and then knot the other end onto the end of each stick and the fifth one in the center.
  5. Balance the mobile by adjusting the length of each leaf if it hangs crooked. Tie a final ribbon or piece of twine to hang the mobile!

Side Project:

You can also make leaf magnets the same way as above by gluing a small magnet on the back of each leaf instead of making the mobile. You can write each family member’s name in the middle of the leaf after sponge painting for a more personal touch.