Plan Your Visit

Cave of the Mounds will continue to follow the guidance of local public health officials to assess the situation as the health and safety of Cave of the Mounds guests and staff is our top priority. 


MASKS ARE REQUIRED both inside the cave and inside the buildings at all times. Hand sanitizing stations are installed in all public buildings. Self Guided tours depart frequently into the Cave.  Tours are scheduled first come, first served and tickets cannot be reserved in advance.   A limited # of tickets per slot are available through 4pm daily.  Due to state mandated building capacities inside of the buildings, -typically only Saturdays and Sundays – we recommend dressing for the weather in case you have to wait outside for your tour.  Our surface nature trails, gift shop and mining sluice remain open until 5pm daily.

Ticket times are assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis.


We are open daily from 9 am to 5 pm.

Our tour entries depart frequently.

The last entry at 4 pm.

What is a
Self-Paced Tour?

Take a self-paced stroll through this geologic wonder. Entries enter  regularly every day of the year. Your walk will guide you past a stunning array of colorful crystal formations on paved lighted walkways. Cave of the Mounds is the premier cave in the upper Midwest and the jewel box of America’s major show caves.

Stay & Play

  • Discover Treasure at the Gemstone Mine
  • Explore our Rock & Fossil Gift Shop
  • Crack open a Geode
  • Get certified as an Adventure Ranger
  • Walk along our Geologic Timeline
  • Find fossils at our Barn Fossil Hunt
  • Hike the Interpretive Nature Trails
  • Observe the Rock & Perennial Gardens


Handicap parking is available at the bottom of the service drive.


The Cave is not wheelchair accessible, however, most above ground activities are.

FREE WIFI available

Guest WiFi is available above ground near the Visitor Center and Gift Shop.

PHOTOGRAPHY is welcome!

Professional/staged photography requires a purchased photo permit.

PET Policy

Pets are NOT allowed on the grounds. However, we do have free dog kennels available seasonally.


Even if you think you do not have to “go” there are no restrooms inside our cave… and the sounds of water along the trails often adds to the challenge.

A fresh diaper will go a long way, too.

Cave of the Mounds does not allow food or beverages – other than plain water – inside the underground passageways.

Sugars and nutrients in food and beverage that drop or spill in the cave can cause mold and other undesirable substances to grow, and of course there are the wrappers and containers to deal with. Litter can be a big problem in show caves when gum, candy, food or beverage is allowed, so we ask that our guests refrain from eating or drinking besides bottled water while inside the cave.

We do have picnic areas with trash and recycle receptacles, and some have shelters available to use.

Large bags and backpacks of all kinds are discouraged.

Our cave length  does not require the need for personal supplies or food. The passageways of our cave have some areas that are more fragile than others. Backpacks and large bags can rub against the cave walls and physically damage the cave environment.

If you are bringing a baby, we ask that soft sided, front facing baby carriers are used, not hard framed baby carriers or the one’s that go on the back.

Additionally, strollers do not fit on narrow cave passageways. Plus we have a fair amount of stairs.

Caves are highly visual experiences and we allow guests to take photos during their underground experience with flash.

Tripods and selfie sticks are not allowed due to the closer quarters underground and therefore a greater risk for damage to the cave.

Inside the cave, we recommend you put your phone on airplane mode to save battery.

Our cave is a great family experience that can go a long way to expose children to the wonders of nature while inspiring new environmental stewards.

We do not allow the touching of any rocks or formations in the cave in order to protect the fragile nature of these environments. Additionally, since it is underground, they are naturally devoid of light. While we have an elaborate lighting installed, sometimes it is helpful for families to bring a small flashlight for their children to hold along the tour route.

“Children who have their own source of light are more likely to discover things they might not otherwise notice, and, it gives them more control over their experience,” offers Cave of the Mounds Manager Jan Okeson.

As in any unfamiliar environment, we ask parents to be responsible and extra aware of their child’s behavior and whereabouts while in the cave.

Our cave is a subterranean environment that maintains the annual average temperature of the above ground region that we are located in. Our cave, which is located in Wisconsin, has an average temperature underground of 50 degrees.

We recommend  a light jacket. Our cave feels cool in the summer and balmy in the winter. Closed-toe shoes, such as tennis shoes, are also recommended, because the cave environment is damp and cool.

Getting Here

2975 Cave of the Mounds Road

Blue Mounds, WI 53517-0148

Available Daily​

  • Quarry’s Edge Gift Shop and Mining Sluice – Rocks, minerals and fossils from all over the world delight geology lover’s of all ages! Hand pick your favorites or uncover your own collection at the sluice!
  • Barn Fossil Hunt – Learn about the fossils commonly found in southwest Wisconsin. Then, search the limestone foundation of our historic barn and find authentic Wisconsin fossils!
  • Trails – Discover the grounds around the mound! Grab an Interpretive Trail Guide and Geologic Time booklet and learn all about caves, sinkholes and how Wisconsin has changed through geologic time.

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