Find out why Cave of the Mounds is one of the Midwest’s best tourist attractions.

Cave of the Mounds National Natural Landmark & southwest Wisconsin provide many opportunities to discover the best attractions in the upper midwest. Read our customer testimonials and then come see for your self why Cave of the Mounds becomes a treasured memory – and one of your family’s favorite things to do!

Guest Testimonials

“Excellent tour guide & overall experience!”

“LOVE CAVES! Very nice experience!”

“It was awesome!”

“The staff was very knowledgeable and took the time to answer all of the questions that the girls had. Thanks for such a great experience!”

“I have been to many places and taken many tours. None was better!”

“Our tour guide was absolutely wonderful…she really conveyed the majesty and wonderful-ness of Cave of the Mounds.”

“The first time I visited I was 13 years old. Today I am 54. Awesome! Our tour guide was great. I know I’ll be back again. Thanks!”

“The cave was spectacular! Everything was beautiful.”

“OMG the coolest thing ever!”

“Your flower gardens are a HUGE asset to this facilty! Beautiful!”

“I love the cave and love mining for gems!”

“Marcus made our experience with the way he cracked open our geode! Our boys will remember the visit for a long time to come. Thank you!”