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Camp Brigham at Cave of the Mounds – National Natural Landmark

  • Fosters FRIENDSHIP
  • Inspires CURIOSITY
  • Celebrates NATURE
  • Promotes STEWARDSHIP

Camp Brigham is a science and nature focused day camp located at Cave of the Mounds National Natural Landmark and Brigham Farm in beautiful Blue Mounds, Wisconsin.  Campers ages 5-12 participate in themed activities all around the grounds including our historic Barn Discovery Center, Interpretive Nature Trails, and the underground cave environment.

  • “I cannot say enough good things about the summer camps at Cave of the Mounds. Officially, it is called Camp Brigham, but we referred to it as ‘Cave Camp’.” – Camp Brigham Parent

  • “From the moment we first walked through the front door, when one of the counselors, Krysta greeted my son first and asked him to introduce his parents, every aspect of our experience has been a kid-focused, positive and engaging learning experience for our little guy.” – Camp Brigham Parent

  • “The staff there has turned the caves and the beautiful surrounding landscape into a place of discovery and adventure for kids of all ages.” – Camp Brigham Parent

  • “They seem to really know how to engage kids of all interest and skill levels.” – Camp Brigham Parent

  • “Even on rainy days our son came home with armfuls of cool dioramas or sculptures or drawings that he did up in the big red barn with counselors Cheryl and Krysta and “Little” Evan while exploring the theme of the day.” – Camp Brigham Parent

  • “History of the landscape, dinosaurs, fossils, insects, gemstones and animal tracking are just a few of the cool subjects they explore with hands-on activities in the cave, the barn and in the woods.” – Camp Brigham Parent

  • “Now that this summer’s camp days have ended, we really miss hearing stories of the day at camp each night at dinner and can’t wait for next year for more fun up at Cave of the Mounds.” – Camp Brigham Parent

Summer 2017 Camp Dates & Themes

June 19-23 – ECOtrek: Explore the grounds around the mound and critters that call it home.  Discover the components required for a good wildlife home! 
Terrific Tarrariums (6/19), Who’s Habitat? (6/20), ‘Round the Mound (6/21), ‘Round the Underground (6/22), Stream Dreams (6/23)
June 26-30 – Nature smART: Explore various mediums you can use to create your own artistic interpretation of nature.  Use nature to make a masterpiece!
Painting with Nature (6/26), Natural Dyes (6/27), Nature as Art (6/28), Cave Mud Art (6/29), Art Snapshots (6/30)
July 10-14 – Survivor!: Chart your course on our interpretive trails both above and below ground!  Explore the many items nature provides to help you survive!
Hit the Trail (7/10), Shelter Building (7/11), Map & Compass (7/12), Quest for Fire (7/13), Nature’s Tools (7/14)
July 17-21 – Fabulous Flyers: Examine flight dynamics through activities that help you discover modern flight machines, flying critters from the past and today!
Modern Flight (7/17), Feathered Friends (7/18), Flying Mammals (7/19), Bugs & Butterflies (7/20), Prehistoric Flight (7/21)
July 24-28 – Amazing Adaptations: Discover how a variety of animals – and humans – have been able to adapt to unique environments over time!
On the Land (7/24), In the Water (7/25), Up Above (7/26), Underground (7/27), Human Evolution(7/28)
August 7-11 – Explorology: Learn about minerals, rocks, fossils, water and caves and discover how scientists use this information to study the earth!
Mineralology (8/7), Geology (8/8), Paleontology (8/9), Hydrology (8/10), Speleology (8/11)
August 14-18 – On the Hunt: Explore the grounds around the mound through scavenger hunts, map making missions, locating letterboxes and much more!
Scavenger Hunts (8/14), Map Missions (8/15), Letterbox Hunts (8/16), Photo Pursuit (8/17), Build-a-Hunt (8/18)
August 21-25 – Wild Safari: Investigate the lives of animals by looking at animal homes, scats and tracks, and special adaptations.  Learn how to be a citizen scientist!
Animal Homes (8/21), Winged Things (8/22), Scats & Tracks (8/23), Camouflage! (8/24), Crazy Crawlies (8/25)

July 24-28 – NEW Trailblazers Teen Camp: This NEW camp week is designed specifically for 12-14 year old campers.
Outdoor Survival Skills (7/24), Cave Tour Guide Skills (7/25), Conservation & Stewardship (7/26), Scientific Research Skills (7/27), Field Trip to Blue Mound State Park (7/28)

Overnight Campouts: A special adventure for Camp Brigham Explorers (8-12 year old campers).  Overnight camps bridge two full day camps for an experience immersed in nature, outdoor fun and underground adventure! The Survivor! Campout links the Quest for Fire and Nature’s Tools day camps and the On the Hunt Campout links the Photo Pursuit and Build a Hunt day camps.  Come join us out here!
Survivor! Campout (7/13-14), On the Hunt Campout (8/17-18)

Shuttle Service to and from Camp Brigham

Four Convenient Stops Serving Madison, Middleton, Verona & Mt. Horeb

  • Blackhawk Park – 741 Bear Claw Way, Madison 8:00 AM / 5:00 PM (Just off of Old Sauk Rd on west side of Madison – meet on the park side of the street)
  • Reddan Soccer Park – 6874 Cross Country Road, Verona 8:15 AM / 4:45 PM (Enter across from the main soccer park entrance – meet in the shelter parking lot)
  • Summer Frolic Sunrise Park – 119 Telemark Parkway, Mt. Horeb 8:30 AM / 4:30 PM (Meet by shelter between skate park and play ground)
  • Grundahl Park – 400 Blue Mounds Street, Mt. Horeb 8:45 AM / 4:15 PM (Meet by concessions shelter near baseball field parking lot)

Summer 2017 Camp Rates & Hours

  • Half-Day Camp – $40/Day  – 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM
  • Full-Day Camp – $60/Day  – 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
  • Half-Day Week-long Camp – $160/Week – 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM
  • Full-Day Week-long Camp – $240/Week – 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
  • Munch Bunch Lunch Option – $5/Day
  • Madison Shuttle – $60/Week – 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Verona Shuttle – $40/Week 8:15 AM to 4:45 PM
  • Mt. Horeb Shuttle – $20/Week 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM
  • Campouts – $75 (for enrolled week-long campers) / $195 (includes Thurs. & Fri. day camp)

QUESTIONS? For more information about Camp Brigham 2017, or if you would prefer paper registration forms, please call 608-437-3038 or email

Camp Leadership

Jason and Kim Anderson are proud to manage the camp team at Cave of the Mounds National Natural Landmark.  Jason’s background is in Camp and Youth Program Management and Kim’s specialty is Outdoor Education and Interpretation.  Together they bring a combined 30 years of experience in camps and youth development.  Jason and Kim supervise enthusiastic camp counselors and experienced environmental educators who work directly with campers.

Camp Brigham at Cave of the Mounds National Natural Landmark

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