Did you know that, in addition to stalactites, stalagmites, and other cave formations, Cave of the Mounds contains a wide variety of fossils?  That’s right, ancient creatures are preserved in the rock right beneath our feet!  Looking at these fossils can take our imaginations back to a time when Wisconsin was a totally different—and amazing—place.

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We are so proud and honored to announce that Cave of the Mounds National Natural Landmark was nominated for and received the 2017 Governor’s Tourism Stewardship Award.

Here is the nomination:
“Not only is Cave of the Mounds one of the top natural tourist destinations in the state, but the attraction also strives to be a leader in the community and industry. With it’s geological wonder below ground and an Environmental Education Center above ground, Cave of the Mounds weaves environmental stewardship, conservation and education into every aspect of their operation. From creating eco-friendly parking lots, to preserving surrounding grounds by planting native prairie and savanna plants, Cave of the Mounds has continually worked to preserve a fragile natural treasure while maintaining a viable business. As a founding member of Travel Green Wisconsin, Cave of the Mounds has remained on the forefront of stewardship and conservation efforts in Wisconsin’s tourism Industry.”