Prairie and Savanna Restoration Gardens: When Ebenezer Brigham first settled here in 1828, prairie and oak savanna covered much of Southwestern Wisconsin. Here on the grounds of Cave of the Mounds National Natural Landmark, the varied plants that made these areas so unique may be found in our ongoing prairie and oak savanna restoration projects. Birds, butterflies and many other animals and insects make their homes in these diverse environments. We invite you to explore the gardens and identify these unique and beautiful plants. Visit our prairie demonstration garden where each plant is identified using its common name as well as the scientific name, then try to spot them in the large prairie. Learn more about our Wildlife and our Prairie Restoration Project.

Rock & Rain Gardens: Since the Cave of the Mounds first opened to the public in 1940, our gardeners have been hard at work cultivating a stunning array of perennial flowers. Nature provides a dazzling array of blooms from early spring through late fall among the myriad of interesting rock formations found naturally in this area – coupled with specialized plantings designed to “catch” water. We invite you to wander the gardens that have been lovingly tended for generations. Learn more about our Rain Gardens.

Butterfly Garden: There are many species of butterflies that make there home in Wisconsin. We have planted hundreds of their favorite plants and installed feeders, so every year they come to Cave of the Mounds to spend the summer. Watch as monarchs return in the spring. Count the striped caterpillars of a new generation and anticipate the emergence of new butterflies from their chrysalises just in time to return south before winter. Learn more about our Butterfly Gardens.

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