Association of Wisconsin Tourism Attractions: Let us help you plan your Wisconsin getaway. Visit as many of our attractions as you can, then plan another Wisconsin vacation in the near future. We’d love to see you visit us again and again because “You’re Among Friends” in Wisconsin.

Southwest Wisconsin Visitors Bureau: Plan for a vacation in unspoiled and scenic Southwest Wisconsin. You can enjoy attractions such as House on the Rock, Cave of the Mounds, Botham Vineyards, Taliesin, and Little Norway.

National Caves Association: The NCA is a non-profit organization of publicly and privately owned show caves and caverns – caves developed for public visitation. Members of the Association stress the preservation of these natural resources.

National Speleological Society: The NSS was founded for the purpose of advancing the study, conservation, exploration, and knowledge of caves. More than 12,000 members in 200 grottos conduct regular meetings to bring cavers together.

Wisconsin Speleological Society: The National Speleological Society and its chapter the Wisconsin Speleological Society are devoted exclusively to cave exploration and study.

Nature Net: Nature Net has been connecting children, families, and educators to nature through hands-on, outdoor learning and exploration across South Central Wisconsin and beyond. 

Wisconsin tourist attractions Go Green Travel Green Wisconsin: Cave of the Mounds is proud to be a charter member of the Travel Green Wisconsin certification program which encourages businesses to adopt sustainable practices in order to reduce their environmental footprint.

Wisconsin attractions Crystal CaveCrystal Cave Crystal Cave is located in Spring Valley Wisconsin (about 3 1/2 hours from Cave of the Mounds).  The cave is thought to have been discovered in 1881 by a local farm boy, William R. Vanasse. In 1991, a new area of the cave was discovered making Crystal Cave the longest cave in Wisconsin. New passageways are being explored and each discovery is always celebrated with much excitement.

Environmental Links

While it is not directly related to the cave, we do make a concerted effort to support the overall health of the environment! Thank you to Mia for helping us start this Environmental link sharing!

Battery Disposal And The Environment: Since batteries are a common use in every day life, we here at Cave of the Mounds, and our friends at Learning Haven, want everyone to know the importance of disposing of these household items. Click on the title to learn more.

Traveling Green and the 3 R’s: Our Education Specialist, Ashley, wrote an article for our blog about promoting smart, environmentally friendly business practices.